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Please note that the shelter has a new phone number: 


***   Shelter Open Hours   ***


Monday - Friday:  10-11 a.m.

Thursday:  5-7 p.m. (adoptions only)

Saturday:  12-2 p.m. (adoptions only)


Please call 734-469-7145 to make an appointment outside of open hours. 


Grosse Ile Township Dog Park at Centennial Farm

   Click here to download a dog park application  


Looking for a way to help?  


Items that we always need are: 


Plain clay litter, not clumping (TidyCat is great)

Paper towels


Laundry detergent (He or normal)


Donations may be dropped off at the shelter any time.  Please just leave them by the door if the shelter is closed.  Thanks!


About the Shelter

In September of 1998, Grosse Ile Township and T.A.I.L.S. took a dirt-floor horse barn and turned it into a spacious, animal-friendly shelter.  We have come a long way since then.  

Our dog kennel area is bright and cheerful.  Our individual kennels are large and spacious with comfy armchairs that allow the dogs to be up off the floor.  Our dogs are only outside when we can supervise them, either in fenced-in dog runs or being walked around the farm by volunteers.  We attempt to housebreak and leash train all of our dogs, in addition to working on basic commands.

Our cat room is a very unique place.  Each cat has its own cage with cozy cat blankets and toys.  After being tested for FeLV and FIV, they are allowed to roam free for most of the day, interacting with other cats. Volunteers built a catwalk in 1999 to encourage fun cat play.  There are also seats at each window to allow daily bird watching.  An addition was added in 2007 to provide quarantine space for sick cats and a quiet area for nursing mothers and their young litters.  Charlotte's Parlor, our first cage-free cat room, was added in 2015.

The Grosse Ile Animal Shelter houses stray animals picked up by Animal Control and those turned in by Grosse Ile residents only.  Stray animals must be picked up by Animal Control at your residence or the location where the stray animal was found.  We are not able to house surrendered animals from other communities.

All animals are housed under the direction of the Animal Control Officer only.  Volunteers cannot accept animals.

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